Featured Holes

Hole 17


BLUE 197 Yards
WHITE  166 Yards
RED  125 Yards

This is the longest par 3 yardage wise but it plays one or two clubs shorter due to the prevailing wind. Play for front the of the green, balls will roll back in most cases. A miss right leaves the easiest chip.

Hole 14


BLUE 290 Yards
WHITE  264 Yards
RED  209 Yards

The shortest par 4 on the course. Long hitters can try to drive this to the green but the smart play is 4 or 5 iron off the tee then a wedge to the green.

Hole 12


BLUE 388 Yards
WHITE  361 Yards
RED  222 Yards

This hole requires a tee shot that is short and straight. There are trees on both sides of the fairway that protect the green on the second shot. The shot to the green should favor short as the green slopes away on both sides.

Hole 7


BLUE 470 Yards
WHITE  441 Yards
RED  326 Yards

This is a brute! Very long hole that usually plays into a strong headwind. Not a lot of trouble. A bogey hole but no big numbers. Birdies are very rare.

Hole 4

BLUE 536 Yards
WHITE  520 Yards
RED  387 Yards

Our most scenic hole! Shot from the elevated tee needs to favor right side in order to have a shot around the corner on your second shot. Second shot needs to be left for a good angle. Green has a pretty good tilt from right to left so favor short and right

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